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1. A Scandinavian name given to anyone who, for sure, will/is awesome. Nils is based on a Saint. Saint Nicholas. Who most of you know as Santa Claus. He brings presents to us every year so this is why we honor someone with the name Nils because he will be like Santa.
2. The act of being high for longer than fourteen and a half hours and eating piles of spaghetti while repeating the Holy Mary with no pants on and getting sucked from a girl named "Head."

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Someone with and incredibly enormous penis. This person is usually good at most things and is smart. He is totally rad when it comes to chicks.
Did you see that jan making out with her, she's so lucky.

Acronym for "Just Another Nigger"
"JAN stole my car last night."
"Who are you doing the CAT scan on?" "Jan."