Backflick ist der Name für DAS neue Internet-Meme. Hierbei werden Filme nacherzählt, die man rückwärts gesehen hat. Da das ganze auf Twitter gestartet ist, sind die Plots aufs wesentliche reduziert.
Schön finde ich:
It’s Sylvester Stallone healing people with his magical bullet vacuum.
Benjamin Button
If you watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button backwards it's about a normal person
Findet Nemo
A clownfish leaves his son for a regal tang with amnesia. After a big trip father and son get reunited, but a big fish turns Nemo into caviar. Also his mother reappears.

Sehr schön auch die Filme mit Edward Norton:
If you watch Fight Club backwards, you see Ed Norton turn from a crazy streetperson into a successful productive member of society.

If you watch American History X backwards, you see Ed Norton turn from a successful productive member of society into a crazy streetperson.

Das das ganze nicht nur mit Filmen geht beweisen diese backflicks:
Ross and Rachel divorce, after ten years going on and off, Ross marries a former lesbian, Rachel marries a dentist

if you play country music backwards, the singer gets his truck, wife, and dog back and gives up drinking

Pac-Man: Large yellow dot throwing up small beige dots.

Und natürlich gilt auch Regel 34 für Backflicks;
And if you watch porn backwards...
It's a film about a husband vacuuming semen off his wife's face before putting on his plumbing jumpsuit and heading off to work.

via Nerdcore und Reddit

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